The Copythorn Sentinel

The Copythorn Oak is a lone tree in a once crowded landscape. Hundreds of neighbouring elms were lost to disease in the 1960s and 70s. But the Copythorn is not alone. A village rallies round: close to the Oak, newly planted hedgerows are an effort to preserve the area’s biodiversity.

The Oak stands for community of all kinds. Parts of the hedgerow in which it grows are a remnant of ancient woodland, an important wildlife corridor. Surveys of the hedge’s indicator species suggest this woodland could predate 1066.

Since then, many have passed through the realm of The Oak. It is an important marker as you walk the muddy lane which links the village to its woodland.

Likewise, the Oak welcomes those who enter the village along Binsted Lane. Thousands come every year to the Strawberry Fair and the Arts Festival. Walkers come to enjoy Binsted’s special peace. Workers come to its businesses. Singers come to use the Church.

The Copythorn’s stories are a song that it might sing for centuries to come.

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