Protecting Binsted’s birds

The Copythorn Oak stands for communities of wildlife and people, and the ways in which the two are intertwined. Take Binsted's birdlife. Finches, tits and other small birds feed gratefully in Binsted's gardens, and dip in and out of hedgerows carefully laid by villagers to provide nourishment and shelter. You can't protect the birds from... Continue Reading →

A secret garden in Binsted Woods

A June day in the realm of Broad Oak and Green Oak. We are standing in a clearing of waist-high grass, trousers tucked in against ticks. In our son's hand is a map sketched on the back of a jam-stained household bill. The map comes with instructions: At the clearing, face south-east. There is a... Continue Reading →

What the Oaks Remember

A shadow hangs over Binsted. But the Oaks have weathered shadows before. There are six Oaks, among many. Combined, their winters exceed a thousand. Some among them are three centuries old. They will stand – if left to – for three centuries more. Then, their slow decay will seed new life, providing food for a... Continue Reading →

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