About Binsted Oaks

This website was inspired by Dr Emma Tristram’s written responses to the drawings of threatened oaks in Binsted by the artist Richard Geraint Evans (see more of his stunning drawings here).

Emma’s notes form the basis for the introductory page for each of the Binsted Oaks. As envisaged by Emma, each Oak will stand for a different aspect of village life.

The project comes out of a crisis – the proposed Arundel Bypass currently under consultation would destroy Binsted, neighbouring Tortington and the surrounding countryside.

Three of the six Binsted Oaks are directly at risk; all six stand as symbols of the diversity that would be lost. I plan to post regularly a short piece of the Binsted story, its people and their history, its geography, archaeology, wildlife, the art it has inspired – everything that makes it a place worth preserving.

Emma and her husband Mike have done much to tell the story of their village over the years. In exploring its secrets here, I will be relying heavily on the research and writing of Emma, Mike and other Binsted residents, using in particular the book Binsted And Beyond (Friends of Binsted Church, 2002), and the website binsted.org.

I hope you enjoy the discovery as much as I do.


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